GoPayz - FAQ

Most Asked Questions

You can sign up for GoPayz Service online by:

  1. downloading the GoPayz App directly from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or the Huawei’s AppGallery, for free; or
  2. visiting GoPayz website at

Malaysian residents and foreigners who work or reside in Malaysia are welcome to apply for GoPayz Service as long as they are 18 years old and above. For foreigners, they will be required to provide details of their residential address in Malaysia.

You will be charged based on the table of fee provided under question 3 above. Cash withdrawals can be made using physical GoPayz Card at ATMs that accept Card Schemes cards such as Visa, Mastercard or UnionPay.

Please note that certain ATM may impose additional fees in addition to the fees specified above.

To sign up for GoPayz Service you must first sign up for the Basic Wallet Account. Just fill in your personal information required via GoPayz App or GoPayz Website to sign up for the GoPayz Service.

Once your Basic Wallet Account has been set up, you can upgrade your Basic Wallet Account to Premium Wallet Account by:

  1. telling us more about yourself by filling up the “know your customer” (KYC) form; and
  2. snap a photo of or upload a scanned copy of your MyKad (for Malaysians) or your MyPR (for Malaysian Permanent Residents) or Passport (for foreigners).

You will not be charged for signing up for GoPayz Service or for your GoPayz Account.

For Premium Wallet Account, you have the option to apply for a physical GoPayz Card by remitting a fee of RM16.00 upon your application of the physical GoPayz Card.

For information on all other fees and charges applicable to the GoPayz Service, please refer to the fees and charges schedule below or visit

No Item Fees and Charges Payable when
1 Physical Card Fee One-time fee of RM16.00 will be charged upon your request for a physical GoPayz Card under any of the card schemes such as Visa, Mastercard or UnionPay. Upon request for each physical GoPayz Card issued by us
2 Fee for Cash Withdrawal Via ATM

Overseas ATM withdrawal fee = RM10.00 per withdrawal.

Local ATM withdrawal = RM1.00 per withdrawal.

For card-less withdrawal, fee charged will vary based on the fee imposed by partners/respective banks.

For every transaction performed.
3 Card Replacement Fee

Card replacement fee = RM16.00 per card

Only applicable for those who opt in for physical GoPayz Card to be issued, and the card replacement request is initiated by customer due to lost, stolen or damaged physical GoPayz Card or disclosure of the physical GoPayz Card’s information to a third party

Upon our receipt of your request to replace the physical GoPayz Card.
4 Statement Request Fee Physical copy = RM5.00 per copy
E-statement = Free of charge
Upon request.
5 Retrieval of Sales Draft RM15.00 per sales draft Upon request.
6 Reload / top-up charges Online Banking (FPX) = No Charge
Other Payment Card = No Charge
Razer Cash @ 7-Eleven = RM2.00 per transaction For every reload performed.
7 Overseas and Foreign Merchant Transaction Conversion Fee All Overseas and Foreign Merchant Transactions including online transactions shall be converted to Ringgit Malaysia at the prevailing conversion rate on the day of conversion and include the charges as determined by Card Schemes and a service fee of 1%. For every transaction.
8 Refund Handling Fee
  1. Via IBG RM 1.10
  2. Via Telegraphic Transfer (TT) RM 21.00

For clarity, refund happens when your GoPayz Account is terminated, you perform reload exceeding your GoPayz Account limit or a transaction is cancelled.

For every transaction.
9 Balance Enquiry Fee

RM1.00 per transaction at Local and Overseas ATMs

Enquiry made via GoPayz App / GoPayz Website are free of charge.

For every transaction.

You are advised to check the fees and charges applicable before you perform any transactions via your GoPayz Account.

How can we help you?


Tap & Pay is a mobile contactless payment service made available by GoPayz app uses UnionPay HCE based solution on NFC-enabled Android devices.

You will be able to make in-store contactless purchases locally and overseas on UnionPay QuickPass POS terminals with a quick “tap and pay” motion using your virtual UnionPay Card on GoPayz App.

POS terminals with below LOGO/ mark to supports Tap & Pay:

union-pay or union-pay

Currently Tap & Pay mobile payment service only support GoPayz UnionPay cards.

You can use Tap & Pay on selected NFC-enabled Android smartphones only, i.e. Android 7.0 and above.

You just need to click on the Tap & Pay icon that is made available in your GoPayz App. Your mobile device will initiate the card registration process. Once completed, the function will be activated for you to start Tap & Pay with GoPayz App.

If you failed to provision your card or activate your Tap & Pay, you can contact our Customer Care at +6018 388 3388.

It would be helpful if you could take a screenshot of the error message and include the pictures in your submission for report/request to our Customer Care for further action.

Yes, for security purposes, Card PIN is required whilst transacting at PIN enabled point of sales (POS) terminals for all transactions except for payment transactions below RM250.

No, you do not need a new PIN. You can continue using your current 6-digit Card PIN for Tap & Pay mobile payment transactions above RM250 at POS terminals.

Step 1: Log in to your GoPayz App
Step 2: Click on Tap & Pay icon and authenticate with your 6-digit GoPIN
Step 3: Put the mobile device near the POS terminal to pay
Step 4: For all local transaction, if the amount is above RM250, POS terminal will prompt for PIN entry and you can enter your Card PIN on the terminal PIN pad. If transaction amount is below RM250, the transaction will be process immediately
Step 5: Payment done, POS terminal prints transaction receipt

Some of the common reasons for a Tap & Pay transaction to be declined are:

  1. insufficient funds in your GoPayz Account;
  2. incorrect PIN used when amount is exceeded contactless transaction amount limit;
  3. you have exceeded your transaction limit for the day or month;
  4. you have opted-out for contactless transaction from your card usage preferences; or
  5. you have deactivated the overseas purchases, so you failed to perform overseas transaction.

You may manage your card usage from GoPayz Website or GoPayz App

Go to: Wallet > My Card > Show All My Card > Select the specific GoPayz Card’s usage which you wish to manage > Card Services

Yes, Tap & Pay function is adopting dynamic key and tokenization, the authentic card number is not shown during Tap & Pay mobile payment transactions, and the transaction information is well kept within GoPayz and UnionPay network, effectively protecting cardholders’ privacy and payment information.

Your actual card number will be replaced with a unique digital card number. This number is used to perform a Tap & Pay transaction so that your actual card number is not shared with the merchant and it won’t appear on the receipt.